Impressive Fuel Savings

Eurolink, owned by NTEX, has made a significant effort this year to upgrade its vehicle fleet. By the end of the year, the company will have replaced at least 70 percent of its vehicles. At this stage, Eurolink has opted for Scania's super driveline, and with over 100 trucks acquired, they likely have the world's largest Scania super fleet.
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New warehouse in Gothenburg ready for business!

On September 1st, NTEX opened the doors to its new warehouse in Syrhåla, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The state-of-the-art facility, spanning over 21,000 square meters, is environmentally certified in aspects such as ventilation, acoustic environment, solar panels, and charging stations for our electric trucks.

A Year with Gas-powered trucks – daily experiences

As part of NTEX's sustainability efforts, we expanded our vehicle fleet with four gas-powered vehicles in 2022. In October of the same year, Dawid Leoss was employed as a driver. He notices significant differences, not least that the truck runs much quieter than its fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

NTEX collaborates with Joris Ide – Strengthening our French Market

Since April this year, NTEX has deepened its collaboration with Joris Ide, an international company within the steel industry. Roof and wall steel equivalent to 30 FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments are now transported weekly from Belgium to France. This, combined with overall expanded transports from the Nordic countries to Belgium and France, results in approximately a 40% increase in NTEX's presence in the French market.

NTEX recruits Mikael Carlbom as the new Group CFO

NTEX has hired Mikael Carlbom as the new Group CFO. Most recently, Carlbom comes from Maersk, and among his previous experiences are several major companies in the transport industry. In his new role at NTEX, he hopes to combine the entrepreneurial spirit of the company with the structures from the corporate world.

Loe Strömi mõtteid

Thomas Ström, NTEXi asutaja, on töötanud transpordisektoris üle neljakümne aasta. Siin jagab ta oma mõtteid laevandusest, päevakajalistest sündmustest ja paljust muust.

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